How to Choose Best Yoga Mat | Yoga Mat Buying Guide 2018

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With the increase in yoga practice all over the world also come an increase in the demand for yoga mats since a quality yoga practice cannot take place apart from quality yoga mats.


Yoga mats are mats made specifically for the purpose of yoga practices. They are made to satisfy the needs of the yoga practitioners. Since yoga practices involve a lot of movements, energy, sweat, the normal mats do not satisfy the needs of yoga practitioners and special mats are made for this purpose. These mats are meant to be more firm, have great sweat absorption, and provide non-slid, non-slippery surfaces as well as balance and comfort.

There are different types of good quality yoga mats including the: basic sticky mats, the natural rubber yoga mats, the plastic Elastomer mats, cotton and hemp yoga mats, jute mats, travel yoga mats; all with their unique qualities and features.

In buying a yoga mat for your yoga practice, some factors need to be considered. Different buyers will have different needs according to their unique personality and their type of yoga practice. Yoga mats buyers vary from the tall ones to the short ones; from the really sweaty ones to the less sweaty ones. Yoga practices also vary, from the hot yoga to the cold yoga and yoga movements also differ. Therefore, it is essential in choosing the best yoga mat for you to carefully consider these relevant factors:




Yoga mats have thickness varying from 2mm to 5mm and some to 7mm. The thickness of the yoga mat to a large extent determines how comfortable it will be and the level of support it will give to you when you are on it for practice. Very thick ones gives much comfort but may also make it difficult for you to find a connection with the floor. There is need for a tradeoff, knowing where to draw the line between comfort, support and connection to the ground. It is critical to choose a yoga mat that is thick and provide the necessary support but also soft enough to provide traction. A good yoga mat will have a thickness of at least 1/8 inches. It is preferable to choose a yoga mat with 1/4inches thickness- they provide more comfort and cushion


Yoga mats come as different sizes. The size of a yoga mat is important. Yoga mats are normally 72 inches by 24 inches; they can be smaller or larger. The key here is to choose a size that will contain you during the practice. Your height and body size is an important factor here. The yoga mat must be big enough to contain the yoga practitioner and leave enough space for movements. A good yoga mat will be at least 72 inches by 24 inches.


There are different yoga mats made from different materials like bamboo, natural jute and rubber among others. The material will determine the quality of the mats. Materials like bamboo are well known for their sweat absorption quality. It is important to choose a yoga mat made from materials that make them healthy for use, materials that are environmentally friendly and materials that will ensure good traction, support and comfort. The material will also determine the texture, the stickiness, sponginess and much more, the durability. Jute mats and natural rubber mats are known for their naturalness and environmental friendliness


While you engage in your Yoga activity, the yoga mat must be sticky. A sticky mat prevents you from sliding and helps you keep your alignment. You must choose a yoga mat that provides great traction and will hold you up even when you are sweaty. The natural sticky mats provide great traction that prevent sliding


Texture is one of the factors that determine comfort and cushion. The texture determines the amount of traction you get and this affects how much slipping will or will not occur. Great texture provides good traction, grip and comfort. The added grip that texture provides can help to stay firm and not sliding no matter how vigorous the practice becomes. It is important to choose a yoga mat that has quality, durable texture. Cotton yoga mats are known for their soft texture that provides good cushioning.


A good Yoga mat must also be durable. The material should not start depreciating at an early stage. It must not just last long but it must stay useful for long. It is important to go for materials that are well known for their durability. Durability is largely determined by the quality of materials used for the yoga mat. The hemp yoga mats for example are known for their great durability

Style and Price:

Once other factors have been well considered, you need to choose the styles that attract you. While all the above factors are crucial, personal taste should also be considered. You should get custom yoga mats that are not just good but beautiful according to your taste. Color, design, pattern and print are important factors here. Also, custom yoga mats vary in prices and this should also be considered. Prices can be basic, they may sometimes be higher based on difference of patterns, designs or logos, materials (texture and eco friendliness) amongst others. While price is important, it should not be the only important factor considered. It should be one amongst the other aforementioned factors


Choose a yoga mat that will be easy to wash with different kind of washes. It is important to choose a mat that is easy to maintain and will not depreciate with washing. The plastic elastomer mats and the cotton yoga mats are known for their ease of maintenance and they are also known for their healthiness


A good yoga mat will have a non-slid surface, provide great traction and sweat absorption, will be thick enough( at least 2mm, 1/8 Inches, better at ¼ inches) to provide great balance and support, made from materials that are healthy, environmental friendly, at least 72 inches by 24 inches in size, with beautiful styles and designs. A good yoga mat will also be easy to clean and maintain. A good yoga mat will be priced equal to its intrinsic value.

There are many good yoga mats available, made from different materials as stated above that combines well the factors listed above. Some of these include: Uneekee Pavement yoga mat, Flamingo yoga mats, Pravana mats, Jade harmony mats, Kharma Khare, Liforme yoga mat, Bheka deluxe mats, matymats yoga mats, Yoga accessories, Manduka yoga mats, Kulae hybrid mats.

How to Choose Best Yoga Mat | Yoga Mat Buying Guide 2018
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