Top 10 Best Yoga Towel Review 2018

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It doesn’t matter how long you’re doing yoga but really matter how you’re doing. For perfection you’ll look for few accessories like yoga mat, blocks, towels and many more. Today we’re going to discus about best yoga towel for perfect yoga.

The popularity of yoga across different cultures is an undeniable fact. Currently, many more people are engaged in its practice than at any other period of time because of the many advantages they are deriving from it.

One of the most essential products or resource that makes a Yoga practice possible or successful is the availability of good yoga mats that will give the yogis a great experience throughout the period of their practice. Yoga mats come in their different shades and shapes, offering different unique features and value proposition. Many Yogis spend a lot of money to try and get the best of yoga mats that are available.

However, it is also important to note that many yogis, new and old, are getting to understand that yoga mats all by themselves are not enough to give the maximum experience during a Yoga workout. In any yoga practice, one thing that is constant is the sweat that comes out of the body and gives the yoga mat a sweaty surface. This sweaty surface if not efficiently managed and absorbed can ruin yoga practice and cause unnecessary sliding, slipping, discomfort and lack of grip throughout the whole Yoga process.

To this end, many are discovering the importance of Yoga towels. Yoga towels unlike ordinary towels are made from very soft and absorbent materials that make it possible for them to absorb and contain a lot of sweat without becoming slippery while also getting dried easily.

Yoga towels can be used as a full substitute of the yoga mats, that is, they can be used in replacement of yoga mats for different yoga practices, or they can be placed on top of the yoga mats to help in the absorption of sweat and the prevention of sliding throughout the yoga workout session. In this way, they provide great support and ensure that all the parts of the body are balanced and have a firm grip throughout the process. This is especially useful for hot yoga where the rate of sweat production is always higher and more profuse. Some yoga towels also come with slip resistant padding that provides support no matter how intense the workout

Yoga towels also have incredible usage as exercise or workout towels. They can be very useful as an accompanying material while jogging, exercising or hiking. They absorb a lot of sweat and dry up easily, ensuring that you get the best out of your workout or exercise. Yoga towels are also easy to wash and launder and they have great durability. They also come in diverse designs and colors, though they are mostly of the same sizes; the size of the yoga mat. This is to ensure that there is no spill over when they are being used as a cover for yoga mats.

Getting one of the best yoga towel is therefore essential and critical to having a great yoga experience. Whether you are a cold yogi or hot yogi, you definitely need the yoga towel


So you have decided to get the best yoga towel to improve your overall yoga experience. Hmm! You just made a very good and intelligent decision. But before you rush on to the market, why don’t you sit with us as we look at some relevant factors you need to consider before making a purchase of any of the best yoga towel that we are going to review in a short while.

Type of towel

As it has been said above, yoga towels can either be used as a replacement for the standard yoga mats or used as an additional cover to the yoga mats helping to increase grip and preventing sliding from profuse and excessive sweating. Also, yoga towels can be used alone for dealing with sweat on the face, on the hand and so on. Yoga towels made for the former purpose are usually the same size as the standard yoga mat and they serve well, their intended purpose. On the other hand, yoga towels made for the latter purpose are smaller and can be easily picked up or dropped as an aid in the yoga practice.

The type of towel you want is entirely up to you. If you are a person who does hot yoga a lot, then the best yoga towel for you will be the best yoga towel that is used either as a replacement for the mat or as a cover. This ensures that your sweat is well absorbed. However, if you don’t do hot yoga, you may also consider just using it as a hand towel. Even though there are still people who sweat a lot and will still greatly need the best yoga towel for covering of their mat. The two types can even be bought to take advantage of both advantages. It is up to you to decide what you want and need from your yoga towel


Comfort-of-yoga-towelThe best yoga towel must also come with a great level of comfort. While providing sweat absorption and non-slippery surface, it is also important that a yoga towel comes with comfort.


In choosing best yoga towel, it is important to ensure that you choose one that adds to the comfort you derive from the whole yoga experience



size of yoga mat towelYoga towels also come in different sizes that fit the different purposes they have been made for. As it has been said, hand towels tend to be smaller than the mat towels. Also, the mat towels come in different sizes to accommodate the different sizes of yoga mats that are available. Here, it is important that you be careful in choosing the size of the best yoga towel. The important point here is that, if your purpose is to use the towel as a replacement for a yoga mat or as a cover, the best yoga towel must not be shorter or bigger than the yoga mat, but must be the same size. This is very important to prevent the towel from going down the mat reducing its effectiveness.

Therefore, be sure of the size of your yoga mat before you proceed to purchase and order for a yoga towel. The two must cohere together

Sweat absorption

This is no doubt the most important advantage that a yoga towel offers. Their primary usefulness and importance are in this their ability to absorb sweat and provide a surface that does not slide or slip for the best yoga experience. Different yoga mats come with a different level of sweat absorption and it will be good to look out for the one best suitable for you.

If you are a very sweaty person, you may have to look for the one with a higher level of sweat absorption. Also, if you do hot yoga, you may need one with greater sweat absorption compared to the person doing cold yoga.


Another important factor here is durability. You should look out for the best yoga towel that does not just absorb sweat, but still does so in the foreseeable future. While some yoga towels might do very well in the first month of purchase, they might wear off in their sweat absorption capacity as time progresses. Also, it is important to keep a balance between sweat absorption and dryness. Some yoga towels that are great for sweat absorption may not be so great when it comes to dryness (that is, they may take a long time to dry). For those who use the best yoga towel as a cover, this might not be a problem, but for those who use the best yoga towel as a hand towel, this factor is very important. You will need a yoga towel that absorbs heat but balances it also with quick dryness.


Stickiness-of-yoga-towelSequel to its sweat absorption properties is also its stickiness. This is another very important reason for yoga towels. The best yoga towel must be able to provide a skid less surface. This is important to give you great grip and balance throughout the workout session. It is critical to look out for the stickiness of any of the best yoga towel that you want to purchase. The best yoga towel comes with a varied and diverse level of stickiness. Some are stickier than the others. In this case, the best way to know is to inquire from others or read their reviews of the product. Some yoga towels may come with lesser stickiness in order to provide a little bit of support to the yoga mat while others are all about stickiness without any concern for support. Also, hand towels can be less sticky compared to cover towels.

Thickness is also important here. Since much best yoga towels come with a different level of thickness, it is important to choose according to your need. Those with a rather thin mat might need to buy a very thick towel to add to its cushion and support while those with already thick mat may be indifferent to the thickness of the yoga towel or even choose one that is not thick. This also varies from one individual to the other

Here, the purpose of use and your personal preference between stickiness and support also play a crucial part. All in all, in this regard, be very careful and patient to be sure of what you are buying. This might be the determinant of whether you will have a great experience with this best yoga towel or otherwise.

Designs, Colors and styles

While this might not be so much important to many, at least in comparison to other more fundamental factors, it is also important to allow this to weigh in your choice. Though as with everything aesthetics, the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. So after assuring yourself of the best yoga towel you want to purchase based on the above explained factors, you should also go with the design, style, color that best suit your personality and taste. Here, blue is not more important than purple, it is a matter of personal preference and decision.

Brand and Price

Sometimes, the brand you buy can be as important as the product you buy.  Here, it is important to buy a brand that is well known for integrity, good customer relationship and quality materials. The key here is not to be emotional with this purchase. Buying a brand just because it is popular, not caring why it is popular is a great mistake. Buying a popular brand is not in and of itself the important thing. The critical thing is to buy a brand that is known for using quality, environmental friendly materials, integrity; that is users experience conforms well with product descriptions and there are no cases of deception, they have good customer service agents that are respectful, responsive and always on ground, they have good warranty or trial period packages that will guarantee some level of security

The best yoga towel must come from a good brand that gives you not just quality towels but also in addition, quality service and an overall unique experience

Price is also important but it should not be taken as an overriding factor but merely a supportive factor. Cheaper is not always inferior and more expensive is not always superior. The key is to identify your budget and make sure you buy the best yoga towel you can get at that particular price. The key is to do a detailed and well organized market and product research


It is also important to consider maintenance. It is important to choose a yoga mat that is easily washable and that can be machine washed and dried. Here, it is also important to choose a mat that does not wear out after every wash, but one that still maintains its quality for a long period of time. It is also key that the best yoga towel has easy drying properties. This ensures that it dries off quickly. This is particularly important when you do your yoga practice somewhere away from home and you need to travel back home. This ensures that you don’t travel with all sweaty towel that is hard to dry up.

Now that we have looked at the most important relevant factors that are critical to choosing the best yoga towel, we take a product by product review of the best yoga towel, showing their strengths, weaknesses, general and unique features amongst others information that will get you acquainted with the product and enhance your choice

Manduka Yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel


Manduka is a household name or brand in the yoga accessories business. This best yoga towel is one of their products. It is made from natural materials that are durable, simple and renewable. Manduka yoga towel is lightweight (just a weight of 1.1 pounds) and is therefore very appropriate for travel, especially for those who practice outside their homes.

They are made from materials that are eco-friendly, one of the unique features of Manduka. They are made from recycled bottles that save 66% energy; dyes that do not contain heavy metal and lead; 100% silicone nubs that ensure great grip and tract.

They are generally durable as they are made from natural materials while they provide a great degree of sweat absorption and grip

Their unique feature is definitely their eco-friendly natural materials and their lightweight that makes it easy for carriage and transport.


Non slip

Great grip and firmness

It’s free from odor

Made from natural, environment friendly materials

Not heavy, easy transport

Right level of thickness


It’s a little bit air dry

Excessive dye

Causes stain on yoga mats when used as cover

Causes stain on light colored yoga clothing

Bunches up a little bit, doesn’t stick well to the mat



Yogitoes ( MUBS9) Yoga Mat Towel


This is another of the best yoga towel from yogitoes. It comes in different sizes with the big size having 80 inches by 25inches dimension. The standard size is 0.5 kg and a dimension of 183cm by 67cm while the long one is 0.6 kg and a dimension of 203cm by 64cm

As it has been said, the design is also one of the important factors in choosing the best yoga towel and this one provides that good design. Its unique feature is its multi colored design that adds to its beauty and style

It has also been made from natural materials:  eight recycled bottles (that constitute half of its production materials) that save 66% of energy; 100% silicon nubs; dyes that are free from lead and heavy metal.

This best yoga towel as a result of its unique materials has a great degree of sweat absorption, softness and comfort while providing good grip and a surface that does not slip or slide.

They have also been made from lightweight materials that ensure that they are very comfortable for carriage and transport to and from your yoga classes’ venue.

It also comes with a good package



Great design

Excellent sweat absorption

Lightweight making it easy to carry and transport

Very durable

Great level of stickiness

Very great for hot yoga


A little bit of slip after a while

It has an odor smell

It needs to be damped before it can grip well



Yoga Design Lab


This is the best yoga towel made by Design Lab. This product comes with a great number of features. But first, its unique feature is that it was perfectly made for hot yoga. Its features have been made to provide the level of sweat absorption and grip needed for hot yoga practices and workout sessions.

It is the best yoga towel with a great deal of grip and sweat absorption. It not only absorbs heat, but the more sweat it absorbs, the more it grips. Its surface does not slid or slip. It is also lightweight making it easy for carriage and transport

It has also been made from eco-friendly materials. The inks are non-toxic. It comes with great color and design that does not fade easily. It also dries up quick ensuring that they can be used as hand towel for other forms of exercises while also ensuring no drips of sweat as you travel back home from your yoga class.

It has no bad odor or smell, it is durable and it also adds to the durability of the mats that you use it upon. It is machine durable and dryer safe

It comes as a 72 inches by 24 inches yoga towel with a 0.7kg weight. It also comes with 10.2 inches by 4.7 inches by 2.8 inches package that is easily unrolled.

It is an imported product from China


Great beauty and design

Great customer service

Eco-friendly materials

Easy carriage and transport

Easy to dry up

No offensive odor or smell

Provides great grip and sweat absorption

Great delivery


Needs to be dampened to make it grip

Moves around the mat a little bit, bunches up

Loses its grips a little bit after a while

Can be a little bit slippery


Manduka Yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel, Print


Another best yoga towel from Manduka. This time around, it is the best yoga towel that has been made from synthetic materials. It is made from an authentic synthetic material that is durable and well made. They come with a great packaging that makes it easy to unroll and to roll back thus ensuring great carriage and transport.

It is the best yoga towel with a surface that does not slip or slid and it has a great heat absorption. It also comes with multiple colors and designs that you can choose from and enjoy its beauty.

It is also light weighted at 1.2 pounds. They are easily washable and can be machine washed though they tend to last longer if hanged to dry.

Its unique feature its great suitability for hot yoga practice. It absorbs sweat and keeps you firm even in hot yoga

It comes as a 79.9 inches by 25 inches product. There is a focal point on the surface.


Great beauty and designs

Offer multiple color choice

Great grip

Light weighted, excellent for carriage and transport

Excellent packaging

Very good for hot yoga practice


Can easily wear out from washing

Need to be made wet for it to grip

Bad odor or smell

Unsuitable for certain kinds of practice like Ashtanga



Manduka eQua Yoga mat towel


Another one from Manduka. They can’t just stop producing best yoga towel. This is another of their classic yoga towel.

It’s made from a combination of Polyester (80%) and Nylon (20%). It has a dimension of 72 inches by 26.5 inches.  It is also a light weight best yoga towel with a weight of 1.2 pounds making it easy for carriage and transport

It has an absorbent wet grip surface that prevents slip and slid. Most importantly it’s made with the skinless technology. And it’s unique feature is its softness and plushness. It does not just provide grip, it also provides comfort as a result of its plushness.

It also dries quickly making it very suitable to be used as a hand towel for other kinds of exercises and practices like hiking, running etc.

It is durable and does not easily wear out from repeated washing. This makes it easy to maintain and take care of.

It is made in the United States with the assurance of meeting quality and environmental standards.


No bad smell or odor

Provides great comfort and plushness

Good traction

Great packaging


Very slippery

Bunches up a lot, does not grip well to the yoga mat

Needs to be dampened a lot before it begins to grip

Slips a lot for some minutes into the practice

Not machine washable



Yoga Jaci Yoga mat towel, hand towel


Yoga Jaci is another brand that makes one of the best yoga towel. Recognizing that there are two different kinds of uses of yoga towel, Yoga Jaci has made available a yoga mat that is peculiarly made to be used as a replacement of yoga mat or as a cover and another one that can be used majorly as a hand towel and then a combo set that contains the two. This is a great feature that Yoga Jaci has made available. In this way, one can make a choice easily on what they want

Yoga Jaci best yoga towel comes with great designs, styles and colors that make them more beautiful and attractive.

This best yoga towel is made from 85% Polyester and 15% Polyamide making them have a great surface that is nonslip and non-slid, providing firmness throughout the practice. It is also made through the skids technology. They are therefore lightweight and always ready for movement from one place to another. Its edges are well done, making sure that they are durable with no unnecessary shredding after a while. They have a great level of sweat absorption.

It is easy to maintain and take care of because it is machine washable, it can be hanged and left to dry and dried in a dryer.

Another uniqueness of this best yoga towel is that it comes with a 100% money back guarantee that gives you added assurance and security for the money invested in this product.


Great for hot yoga

Gives a 100% money back guarantee

Great sweat absorption

Great designs and colors

It dries up fast when it is washed

Quick shipping and great customer service


Needs to be sprayed with water before it gives the grip

Bunches up a little bit sometimes

Has some odor/smell



Manduka eQua Mat Towel


Seems Manduka is never tired of making good yoga mat towels. This best yoga mat towel is an 80 inch big yoga mat towel that is meant to cover very well the yoga mat that it will be used on. It is made from 80% polyester and 20% nylon providing adequate sweat absorption. It also has a 100 percent silicone nubs that make them have a good grip. They provide a surface that is nonslip and non-slid ensuring comfort throughout the yoga practice.

They come with a slightly bigger weight of 1.4 pounds and a package dimension of 13.4 inches by 4.3 inches by 3.4 inches.

An additional security is that they are made from the United States, assuring buyers of conformity to various quality and eco friendliness standards.


Great design

Excellent sweat absorption

Very durable

Great level of stickiness

Very great for hot yoga


A little bit of slip after a while

It has an odor smell

It needs to be damped before it can grip well



Hugger Mugger Bamboo Yoga Towel


This is another one of the best yoga towel. It comes with a beautifully designed violet color while also providing a great variety of color options that meet the personality and preference of particular buyers. It is made from 100 % quilted bamboo fabric that is known for their ability to provide great and excellent heat absorption, enhanced breathability and firmness. Bamboo fabric also ensures that the surface is non slid and non-slip. The naturalness of its material also guarantees that they are environmentally friendly providing security and eco stability. Their unique feature is the bamboo material they have been made from; a material that has been well known and applauded for its numerous advantages.

This best yoga towel come with a product weight of 1.4 pounds and a product dimension of 72 inches by 26 inches that are long enough to cover most yoga mats.


Nonslip, non-slid

Provides adequate grip

Different color options

They come with beautiful designs

It is machine washable


Reduces in quality with washing

Not durable

Cannot handle sweat for a long period of time



Mantra Yoga Towel

Best Yoga Towel | Mantra-Yoga-Towel

The last of our best yoga towel series but definitely not the least is this great product from Mantra.

It is made from 80% polyester and 20% Nylon, meaning it is 100% microfiber. Therefore you can trust its sweat absorption and its ability to provide a non-slip, non-slid surface. They have a 4 non slip corner anchors that make them grip well with the mat as well as your body

The unique feature of Mantra is that the towel contains properties that protect the yoga mat by driving away any form of bacteria. In this way, they help to improve the durability of the yoga mat they are used openly. This is the best yoga towel for any and every kind of yoga including the sweaty hot yoga.

It has 72 inches by 24 inches product dimension that makes it adequate for most yoga mats. They have different varieties of color that you can choose from according to your taste.

They are machine washable and dryer safe.


Variety of colors available

Machine washable and dryer safe

Huge amount of grip

Offers protection and durability to yoga mat

Dries up easily


Need to be sprayed with water before it can provide grip

Perform poorly in hot yoga sessions

Not so durable

There you have it. This is the best review of the best yoga towels available. We have taken a look at the importance of yoga mats and the relevant factors that serve as buying guide. Then, we have taken a look at nine best yoga towel that will meet your needs. Now it is your turn to go into the yoga towel market, use all this knowledge profitably and choose the best yoga towel that will give you the experience you have always wanted.




Top 10 Best Yoga Towel Review 2018
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