Best Hammock Straps Reviews and Buying Guide

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Today we’ll discus about Best Hammock Straps. As we did before about best yoga towel, custom yoga mat and others. Lets start……

Even as 21st century life become more tedious and sedentary, there have been many more interest by people in the outdoor life. As people have become busier and their lives caught up inside a big building, the craving for the peace, serenity and comfort of the outdoor life has been increasing. Therefore, there have been much more interest in the outdoor and activities like camping, hiking amongst others.

One of the things that have made this more interesting and adventurous is a hammock. The hammock is great relaxation point for comfort for hikers and campers. It gives us access to the outdoor, the fresh air and sunlight while we enjoy a great sleep or rest away from the noise of regular life

Hammocks are increasing in popularity even within people’s backyard. Many are recognizing its benefits.

What is Hammock Straps?

To enjoy hammocks, there is a need for them to be tied to trees or poles. Hammocks have been regularly tied to trees using ropes and what have you. But with the continued emphasis on environmental responsibility, it is being discovered that ropes can have negative effects on the barks and trunks of trees. Hammock straps are great alternatives that help to suspend the hammock providing support and equal weight distribution while ensuring that the trees are well protected.


The benefits of hammocks are one part of the story, the importance of a good hammock strap that hold them together cannot be overemphasized. A great sleep can be interrupted when the hammock just cut off in the middle of the night. Inferior, low quality hammock straps can also hamper relaxation and leave you tired, angry failing to enjoy the whole purpose of your camping or outdoor relaxation.


It is important that when buying hammocks, careful thoughts should be made not only concerning the hammock but also the straps.

How Do They Work?

There are two suspension systems that can be used in setting up a hammock: the knot and the hardware system. With the hardware system, Look for two trees that are minimum of 12 inches and minimum of 10 feet apart. Attach the straps to each of the trees at least 5 feet away from the ground. Wrap it around the tree holding an end in both hands. One end should be thread through the loop on the other. Check if it is tight enough and pull until the strap is tight enough around the tree. You may place sticks in between the straps for friction reduction. Then you can attach your hammock to the tree. Under the hardware system, there are carabiners provided on each end of the hammock that can be slipped into any of the loops provided.

Hammock straps work perfectly well to make your hammock well tightened with equal weight distribution and security. Hammock straps work well with any kind of tree and even with poles, posts amongst others.

You can purchase a whole set of hammock straps or purchase the component parts and assemble yourself.

Relevant Factors

What are some of the most important factors and criteria to consider when purchasing hammock straps?


Getting two trees to hang out your hammock on may be difficult sometimes. In some cases, you have to make do with what you have: poles, walls, rocks and posts. These circumstances cannot be controlled by you, you therefore need hammock straps that are versatile and can hold up to rocks, walls, poles and posts when trees are not available in a location.

The best hammock straps must also be able to work with all kind of hammocks and not be limited to their own brand of hammocks.

Weight support:

It is also important to consider the weight of the hammock strap in comparison to the weight of the hammock. The best hammock straps are those that can contain the weight of the hammock. You need hammock straps that can endure the maximum weight of a hammock and yet supply great support and comfort making it hold up. In fact experts advise that it is good for the hammock straps to be able to support more than the maximum weight of the hammock. The best hammock straps should also make the hammock steady for partners on a single hammock or for double hammocks

Product weight:

Apart from the weight support the best hammock straps provide, it is also important that the straps themselves are not too heavy. The best hammock straps should not be heavy and occupy so much space. Hammock straps must be light weighted just like the hammock. This will ensure proper and adequate support.


Choosing the exact length you need is very important. The hammock straps should not be too long or too short. When they are too short, they are risky and they will restrict what you can do with the hammock and they should not be too long to hang below the hammock. Therefore, the key is to know what you need and read the product description to be sure what will meet your particular needs.


When shopping for a hammock strap, you must go for a product that is durable. Using them in the outdoor exposes them to the sun and to all kind of weather condition. If the hammock straps are not durable, they may begin to wane and wear out after some times. You need a hammock strap that can work well and long with any kind of weather condition. You should not spend your money on something that won’t last no matter how cheap or how price indifferent you are.

Durability is majorly a function of the kind of materials used, the way it is stitched and the ability to bear the weight of the hammock. It is good to look out for a hammock strap that has double or triple stitched seams and made of quality materials like nylon, polyester. Durability is the ability of the hammock strap to withstand the weather conditions and still prove strong, non-stretching for a long period of time.


Hammock straps like hammock themselves are made from very diverse and different materials. There are those made from nylon, those made from polyester and some from cotton and hemp. Nylon is very strong and thick providing great durability. However, Nylons do stretch and that might make the hammock actually lower than when it was initially set up. This might not be a problem depending on where you are and how closer to the ground you want to be plus how high you can place your straps on the tree. Polyester material is non-stretching and also durable. However,  polyester can be more expensive. It is your choice whether to go for a nylon material if you can adapt to its stretching or a polyester material, if you can adapt to its cost.


The key here as always is to get the best available at your budget. Ensure that at the price you budget, the hammock strap you will buy will be the best quality that is available at that price. However, cheaper price does not mean inferior quality and a higher price does not mean better quality. The important thing is to ensure that you are getting value for the money you are spending on the hammock straps. Best hammock straps provide great returns on the money spent on them.

Non Slippery:

A hammock strap that slips is definitely a very high risk. To ensure your security, you must ensure that the hammock strap that you are investing on is a non-slippery hammock strap that will not leave you on the ground instead of aiding your relaxation

Environmental Friendliness

The major reason why hammock straps are fast becoming a replacement of the ropes is their friendliness to the environment. It is therefore important that the hammock straps you buy be very environmental friendly by not causing damage to the tree or to the poles as the case may be. An important thing to look out for here is the thickness of the hammock strap. The thicker the hammock strap, the better. Best hammock straps are at least 1 inch thick, this enables them to not put too much strain on the tree


Different brands of hammock strands have their different offers and features. As a buyer, you will want to choose from brands that are known for producing good quality materials and who pay great attention to health and safety as well as quality standards. You will want to choose a hammock strap company that also has a great customer service to give you a good experience and to make it easy to communicate should in case you have problems and you need to talk to someone at the company.

Customer relationship management and level of customer satisfaction are key. It is important not just to buy from the company offering the lowest prices, while that may be good, product quality and customer service should be foremost in finally deciding a hammock strap company. At the end, these are the key things that may make or mar your experience. Also, place of manufacture might be important in choosing a brand. Some particular countries are well known for their good and quality products and the fact that they conform to high environmental and quality standards. This might also help in the decision making.

Brands like ENO are very popular for their good quality and durable products.

Having taken a look at the most important factors that need to be considered before choosing the best hammock straps that will work great for you and give you the best experience of maximum relaxation and comfort, we now take a look at some of the well-known and best hammock straps that will give you this experience.

We will take a look at them in turn, considering their unique features, brand, pros, cons and some other product descriptions that will aid your choice.

Set of 2 Hammock Straps Hanging tree straps by Attmu

Our first hammock strap for review is the 2 pack straps made by Attmu. It is a 2 set of hammock straps that also comes with 2 heavy duty S hooks. It ensures that you can hang your hammock on any kind of trees without the fear of causing any hurt to the tree. These straps are adjustable and therefore compatible with the particular tree you are tying them upon. These hammock straps have a weight bearing capacity of 200 Kg and yet are light weighted themselves and portable. Hammock straps are made to last and endure any kind of weather condition.

Made from weather resistant nylon/ they are durable and can hold up over time. However, their stitching is done with polyester. This ensures that it does not stretch, tear or wear out.

www.yogahomeshop.comHanging tree straps are valuable for outdoor relaxation, camping, hiking, hunting and traveling.  In addition, these hammock straps also have rings that you will use to attach your clips and set up your hammock without delay.


These hammock straps are 2 inches wide and 120 inches long and are dark colored with a product weight of 11.2 ounces. Attmu straps are definitely one of the best hammock straps available in the market. The end loops are 1.4 feet long.


This company offer 100% money back guarantee at any time and a great customer service that attends to users’ complaint.



Quick to set up
Easy to put up and put down
Environmental friendly, do not cause harm to the tree
Very versatile, work with any type of tree
Good customer service.


Does not hold up with a weight of 400lb
Does not last very longer under harsh weather condition
The loops are not compatible with the rings

Atlas Straps by ENO (Eagles Nest Outfitters)

Eagle Nest outfitters are definitely one of the best brands in this industry. This atlas straps are the best eno straps. Atlas straps are one of the best hammock straps that are up for review. Like the last strap, they also come in a set of 2 and are dark colored.

The ENO Atlas suspension system works well with any kind of trees. Whether you are outdoor camping or just in your backyard relaxing, these ENO straps offer you great support and ensure your sleeping or relaxation time is well spent in comfort and luxury.

They are made from quality Poly filament webbing. Therefore, they do not stretch. Their durability is also enhanced. In addition, their weight support is up to 400 pounds while the straps themselves weigh only 11.2 ounces.

These best hammock straps are light weighted and portable and can be easily carried along for travel and camping. ENO straps also come with a free storage bag where the best ENO straps can be kept. Atlas straps are easy to set up and compatible with any kind of hammocks.

We have a set of two straps. Each is 9 feet long, giving you that extra length that can survive huge trees or poles as the case may be. The product dimension is 108 inches by 1 inches.

ENO is well known for their support of environmental preservation and these best ENO straps follow up on that tradition with their quality and environmental friendliness.


Easy to use and set up
Great customer service
The length is easily adjustable
It does not cause harm to trees, environmental friendly
Great weight bearing capacity up to 400lb


  Not long enough in certain cases
It stretches a little bit
The stuff sack is not as durable as the straps themselves



Eagles Nest Outfitters Atlas XL Hammock Suspension System

Another best hammock straps from ENO. This time, they come with added length and weight.

Atlas hammock straps are also a set of 2 straps in one package and dark colored. They come with an extra 54inches in length and ten extra loops. This ensures that no matter how big the trees are and no matter how distant, you have the best hammock straps that can work fine and give you the comfort and luxury you desire at the place you desire it. With Atlas XL straps, you don’t need to abandon your favorite location because of tree size or length between them.

The Atlas strap is 13.5 feet long giving you that extra length that can go anywhere. Made from Poly filament material, these are products with great quality and durability. Moreover, their weight support is up to 400 pounds. These best hammock straps are easy to set up, they are friendly to the trees and the environment at large

Product dimension is 7 inches by 4.5 inches by 2.2 inches and yet, eno atlas straps are still light weighted and portable with only a product weight of 1.3 pounds.

Also, the straps come with a carrying bag that makes them easy to be transported for camping and other adventures


Added length that conforms to any kind of tree
Easy to use and set up
Very strong and great weight support
No stretching
Environment friendly
Great customer service


Weight may not be too good for hikers
Not as adjustable as the normal atlas straps


Bear Butt Kodiac Hammock Straps by Bear Butt

Another great product from bear butt and qualifies as one of our best hammock straps.

These kodiac hammock straps are made from 100% polyester. They have so much quality and durability. Their stitching is triples ensuring that they will not rip off or fall out easily. Moreover, it also comes in a set of two and each strap is said to support a weight up to 1000lb. Each of the straps is 10 feet long, offering a sufficient length that works well with large trees and trees far apart. Each of the straps also comes with twenty (20) attachment points and they are 1 inch wide

The kodiac hammock straps from bear butt have a great resistance in any kind of weather. They are so strong and well built. They don’t absorb water and they do not wane out through the effect of sun. Whether in a hot or cold climate, these straps know no deterioration.

Even with their huge weight support, they are still light weighted and portable at 1.1 pounds. In addition, set up is very easy and fast. This best hammock straps can be set up in a minute. Product dimension is 1inches by 5 inches by 5 inches

There is a color variety with these straps. You can choose from the dark colored and the green colored. Kodiac hammock straps are also well favorable to the environment and they don’t destroy trees. They have been well tested for quality, safety and durability


Outstanding weight support
Works well with all kinds of trees
Fast and very easy setup
Very strong and durable
Fast shipping and good customer service


Might be better with a little added length
The carabiners’ quality does not match the straps’ quality

Hammock Tree Straps – 2000+ LB Breaking Strength

Rallt is also a notable company in the production of best hammock tree straps. They make quality hammocks that give great support and suspension to hammocks. It also comes in a set of two. Hammock tress straps are 10 feet long and they come with a beautiful Charcoal color.

This best hammock tree straps are made from 3/4inches polyester webbing with a weight support of up to 2055 pounds. Their stitches are bar tack stitches. They are very strong, non-breaking and deliver the safety, durability that you need from best hammock straps.

Hammock tree straps also come with 18 carabiners per straps. Though they have great weight support, these hammock straps are light weighted with only an 11.7 ounces. These straps work well with all kind of hammocks and can be used on all types of trees. Moreover, this hammock straps can also be used with posts, rocks, masts, poles, docks amongst others.

Made from polyester, they do not stretch. This means you don’t need to be constantly adjusting your hammock or be afraid of getting closer to the ground.

The extended length also ensures that you can hang them on big trees and on trees that are fairly distant from each other.

Also, setting up is easy. In addition, the presence of a daisy chain loop system also ensures that the setup is fast and easy. Another great unique feature is that they have reflective stitching that makes setting up at night easy.

These best hammock tree straps have a package dimension of 5.5 inches by 4.5 inches by 0.4 inches.


Great versatility, works with trees and non-trees
They are very strong with excellent weight support
light weighted and portable
Easy and fast to set up
Good customer service.


Stitching begin to rip off after a while
Does not come with carabiners

Hammock Straps by Wise Owl Outfitters

Next on our list of the best hammock straps is this hammock strap by Wise Owl. They are very beautiful straps with a black color and a blue stitching

The material is polyester filament webbing and a triple stitching across all loops. Setting up of these straps is very easy. They can be set up in just a few seconds

An added unique feature is that they come with everything you need to set them up including wire gate carabiners and a bag that ensures easy carriage and transport for camping and other outdoor adventure.

Hammock straps also come with a 100 % money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product delivered. Their excellent customer service provides good after sales service. These hammock straps are environmental friendly and will not cause hurt or damage to the trees

These best hammock straps are easily adjustable as they come with 19 loops per strap. Also, they have a great length of 10 feet that can be wrapped around big and distant trees. They have a weight of 15 ounces and a product dimension of 6 inches by 4.7 inches by 2.3 inches.


A great length
Excellent customer service
Easy and fast set up
Environmental friendliness
Easy to pack up for camping
Great weight support


A little bit heavy, more weight than others
More length would have been better

XL Hammock Straps set by PYS outdoor

Another great hammock strap. This time it is by PYS.

It is a 10 feet long and 1 inch wide hammock strap. It also comes in two set and each strap has a weight support capacity of 1100 lbs. they have the 10 feet long 16 loop and the 10 feet, 20 loop suspension system.

This best hammock straps has a replacement guarantee meaning you can return and get another one if you have an issue with the one delivered to you. Moreover, a 100% money back guarantee is also part of the deal. This means you can either seek a replacement or a money back when you have complaints.

Made from polyester, they are very strong and durable, and non-stretching. The firmness is retained in its place and your hammock is kept well suspended.

It is very easy to set up. Set up can be done under a minute. In addition, it has compatibility with trees, posts, rocks and any other objects and any type of hammocks.

These hammock straps are light, portable and yet durable. Their customer service is reliable and dependable. Also, this company has a great reputation for environmental friendliness and no damage to trees.

Package dimension is 4 inches by 4 inches by 2.2 inches and a shipping weight of 14.7 ounces.


They provide great adjust ability
Very strong and Easy to put up
Good customer service
Fast delivery
Very versatile, works well with different trees and hammocks.


Heavy and does not support carriage for hiking and camping.
Would have been better if it were longer.


  1. XL Hammock Straps by Soufull

Next in our best hammock straps review is this great product by Soufull.

They come with a package that includes two sets of straps, 2 carabiners, 1 service card and a portable bag for carriage. They have an orange stitching that adds to their beauty.

Made from a strong and durable material, these hammock straps provide a great combination of security, comfort and durability.

XL Hammock straps work perfectly well with any kind of hammocks on the market and they do well with trees as well as poles and trees. Moreover, setting up is easy and set up time can be less than a minute.

With a length of 10 feet and 20 loops they are more easily adjustable. In addition, their daisy chained system also improves their adjustability.

Weight support of these straps is up to 1400lbs. Also, these straps are non-stretching. You are kept in the same position, well relaxed without the constant need to adjust your hammock. Moreover, their heavy duty stitches add to their durability and comfort.

These best hammock straps are made from polypropylene material. The product dimension is 120 inches by 1 inches by 0.1 inches. These materials ensure that they are friendly to the environment and do not cause harm to trees and other points of suspension


Easy to use

Fast set up

Great weight support

Easy adjustability

They are non-slippery


Would be better with more length

  A little bit heavy, difficult to package for camping

  Can stretch a little bit sometimes

9.Ohuhu Hammock Straps by Ohuhu

Another best hammock straps. This time from Ohuhu.

Ohuhu hammock straps contain a package of two set straps, 2 carabiners and 2 heavy duty S hooks. They are dark colored straps with dark colored stitches. With a carriage bag, there is easier carriage and more effective transport for camping

This strap is made from nylon and iron. Nylon products are known for their strength and durability.

Ohuhu hammock straps have a 1.5 width and 110 inches length. Their stitching is doubled for added strength and durability. In addition, they do not wane and rip off quickly, they are built to last.

Their loops and hooks make them very easy to mount and to unmount. Ohuhu hammock straps have a weight support capacity of 550lbs. Their materials are eco-friendly and will not cause unnecessary harm and damage to the trees. Also, ohuhu straps work well with all kinds of trees, posts, rocks etc and all types of Hammock straps

They have a package size of 6.7 inches by 6.1 inches by 2.4 inches and a light weight of 1.1lbs. This makes them easy to carry around and to transport for camping and other outdoor activities.

Ohuhu hammock straps are a great and rare combination of durability and quality.



Excellent weight support

They come with a carriage bag

Environmental friendly

Easy and fast to set up


Great length


No loops, this makes them hard to adjust

Hooks are too small to work with some hammocks

It slips and slides

10.Eagles Nest Outfitters Atlas XL Hammock Suspension system

This is another eno atlas hammock strap. This is an extra-long best hammock straps. ENO is known for their quality products in this industry and this great product is no exception

It comes as a package of a 2 set straps and package bag with great packaging and a black color. It is very large ensuring that no matter how big the tree is or how wide the distance between two trees, the eno atlas hammock strap is long and big enough to set up your hammock. It ensures that you are not limited by location

It has an extra length of 54 inches (making it a 13.5 feet long hammock strap) from the normal eno atlas hammock strap. Moreover, it also has extra 10 loops ensuring that you have more adjustability when setting up your hammock

Though they have added length, they are still lightweight and portable with a weight of just 1.3 pounds. It works well with any kind of hammocks and most especially the ENO hammocks. In addition, set up is easy and fast. Also, dismantling and transfer to another location is easy

These straps have a great weight support up to 400 pounds and are made from Polyfilament webbing which ensures that they are very strong and durable.

Furthermore, the eno atlas hammock strap have a product dimension of 7 inches by 4.5 inches by 2.2 inches


They have an added length that conforms to any kind of tree

Easy to use and set up

Very strong and great weight support

No stretching

Environment friendly

Great customer service


A little bit expensive

  Weight may not be too good for hikers

  Can be a little bit slippery

11.XL Hammock Straps by MalloMe

This is another extra-long hammock straps but this time from Mallome. Like the extra-long atlas straps, they are also made to ensure that big trees and wide distance between trees do not constitute a barrier to the full enjoyment of your hammock. They ensure that your enjoyment of comfort and relaxation is not limited by the bigness of the tree. Also, the product has a length of 12 feet and a width of 1 inch

The package includes 2 set of extra-long hammock straps, 2 carabiners, a good package bag and a set of instructions for usage.

They are made from polyester webbing which offers great strength, durability and weight support. Each of the strap has 20 loops which make them easily adjustable to the preference of the person using the hammock. Their daisy chained loop system also increase adjustability. It has a great weight support of up to 1400 lbs that can hold up more than 1 person in the hammock. In addition, there is a triple stitched seam and this prevents unnecessary stretching.

Moreover, these hammock straps are very versatile and can be used for different outdoor purposes. They also work well with different kinds of trees, posts, rocks and different kind of hammocks. Mallome straps are friendly to the environment and will not cause the trees to be damaged

Also, set up is very easy and fast. It can be done just within a minute.

This extra-long hammock straps provide great satisfaction and quality

Despite their size, this extra-long hammock straps are only 1.4 pounds in weight. Their package dimension is 5.7 inches by 4.8 inches by 2.7 inches


Very easy to adjust

Strong and durable irrespective of the weather conditions

Good designs

Excellent customer service

Cheap for their size

Very easy and fast to set up


Little stretch when the weather is damper

  Not so wide


There you have it. This is a review of the best hammock straps. We have taken a look at what hammock straps are, why there is need for them, how these straps work and some relevant factors that need to be considered before making a purchase. We have looked at what makes good quality hammock straps. Then we have taken a look one by one of the best hammock straps in the market. We have seen their different advantages and disadvantages

However, the ball is now in your court. Any of these hammock straps will make a great product and offer great value for the money. It is a matter of your personal choice and preference to consider the factors that are most important to you and choose the hammock straps that will give you the best experience.

Best Hammock Straps Reviews and Buying Guide
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