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Hot Yoga Clothes and Reviews

Hot Yoga is a kind of Yoga which helps a lot to enhance the performance of the body practiced within warm temperature. Tension and anxiety are reduced to a great extent through this type of Yoga.

Clothing influences the practice of yoga a lot. It provides the convenience of practicing hot Yoga. As hot Yoga is practiced under hot weather condition, the dress is a very important concern to consider. Yogis sweat a lot at the time of practicing hot Yoga that may create inattention and inconvenience in your practice. For removing that inconvenience and speeding up the concentration hot yoga cloths are the appropriate stuff waiting for you?  Hot yoga clothes can help you by absorbing your sweat and increase your concentration on your practice.

Here we are to reduce your hesitation on selecting your perfect Hot Yoga Clothes. We can help you through providing valuable and informative data relating to hot yoga as well as Hot Yoga Clothes. Our site will provide you best Hot Yoga Clothes including Yoga mats, pants, leggings, towels, mat bags, blocks etc. You can also get the different benefits and reasons for using that Hot Yoga Clothes through our articles.

A super responsive, helpful and informative support team will always be at your side if you are going to select your best Hot Yoga Clothes through our site.  We can assure authentic product description and information relating to Hot Yoga Clothes. So, it’s time to grab your desired Hot Yoga clothes through Yoga Home Shop and remove your thirst concerning Hot Yoga Clothes by visiting us.


Yoga Towel

Product Intro

Yoga towel is often called Yoga mat towel. Sweating is a very usual factor at the time of practicing Yoga. When you find yourself sweating too much and slipping off your Yoga mat, a yoga towel can bring a perfect solution for you. Yoga towel is designed to fit on the top of the Yoga mat at the time of practicing. Usually, Towels are often used at the time of practicing Hot Yoga but it can be used for any types of traditional Yoga.

Features of an Ideal Yoga Towel

Yoga towel should have the equal size of a Yoga mat to prevent slipping. As it is anti-slipping, this will help you a lot to relax and focus on your practice. It can provide you hygiene as it is washable and dries quickly.

Yoga towel is easily portable and you can easily fit in your suitcase. You can also carry it easily in a Yoga mat bag by wrapping it with the mat. Yoga towels have different colors and designs to fit with different personalities and interests. But, you should be more careful about the cleanliness of the towel for practicing Yoga.

Product Specific Description

This towel is surprisingly effective and provides ample stickiness at the time of practicing Hot Yoga. It’s got a heavier, thicker feel to it and covers a standard yoga mat perfectly. You can’t see or feel the sweat on it when you’re in the middle of class; the towel contains and holds the moisture in really well. The towel really helps with stability on the mat in hot and sweaty conditions. It won’t ravel even after several uses. It is very much smooth as well as soft and doesn’t create any pill even. This towel has attractive color and beautiful design. The color of this towel is very vibrant and won’t run. It also has a very different type of texture. It has light-weight and super absorbance that helps you to have a great grip on it.


Product Attributes                             



Weight  0.7IB (Lightweight)
Size 72in x 24in
Materials Top-quality, plush, microfiber with extra-strength whipstitching for maximum lifespan
Exercises/uses Hot yoga, Bikram, travel, beach and active lifestyles
Toxicity Non-toxic
Print water based, non-fade prints
Dryness High
Odor None
Absorb-ability Insanely absorbent and  non slippery
Others ·    Perfect amount of cushion, stability and responsiveness to reduce injuries and instantly improve your practice

·    Machine washable and dryer safe

·    Eco-friendly

·    Wonderful color and patterns

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Men’s Hot Yoga Pant

Product Intro

You can’t compare the Cobra pants with any other men’s Cobra pants in the world. They are definitely the most comfortable and perfect for a man to practice Yoga. The Cobra pants ensure the maximum performance and it looks extraordinary from anyplace you desire to wear them. They expose all the right parts of your body, and comfortable for our exceptional cut, they do this without giving points of interest that may demonstrate diverting in the wrong conditions. They not only maximize your performance on the mat but also make you outstanding on the street, travel and any other place you move on. Their intensive relaxation will help you chill in any style in any area.

Product Specific Description

This product is made from an exclusive mix of MicroModal fabric and enough Spandex is also used to give them perfect flex. The texture is amazingly relaxing and extravagant. Modal fabrics are also insanely suitable for the skin. So, you can’t but wear this pant all the day long. Modal fabrics ensure eco-friendliness. This fabric is totally non-harmful and CO2 nonpartisan.

There are two important facts in the design of these pants that make these pants very unique. They are

  • Great comfort
  • Proprioception

We as a whole comprehend what feeling awesome means, and the moment that you put on some Cobra Pants you’ll know why we experienced all the inconvenience.

Proprioception is the body’s capacity to know where it is in space. When you rehearse in some Cobra pants, the fabrics suit against your skin gives you criticism about where you are, and you consequently alter, enhancing your alignment, extending your practice.

These jeans have both front and back pockets, a false fly, and high-differentiate sewing in simply the right places.

You can fix the drawstring in the jeans so they fit perfectly, however, then you can leave the drawstring as it is and still get in and out of them without having to continually re-tie your bunch.


Hot yoga Clothes | Best Yoga pant| best Yoga pant review





Small 28-30 33
Medium 31-33 33
Large 34-36 33
XL 37-39 33
XXL 40-44 36

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Hot Yoga Mat

Product Intro

A yoga mat is one of the most important accessories for a Yogi. But at the very beginning mat aren’t used. Even many Yoga Guru’s are reluctant to use Yoga Mats at present because they want to keep the practice natural as possible. This doesn’t mean that Yoga Mats are unnecessary rather this stuff supports a Yogi in many ways. This stuff is very much useful for increasing grip, cushioning, stability and balance. This is very supportive for sweaty palms and protects a Yogi from slipping which is very helpful for holding poses perfectly.

Features of an Ideal Hot Yoga Mat

Now we are going to describe about some key features of a yoga mat whose helps a Yogi to identify perfect Yoga mats. Best ways of selecting best mats are:


Thickness is the most important feature of a Yoga mat. This feature justifies whether the mat is comfortable or not. This stuff creates a comfort zone between your knees and the floor. Different poses need different types of thickness. When you purchase a thin mat to practice Yoga on your wooden floor, it’ll be painful for you to take some poses. Same way, if you purchase an extra thick Yoga mat, it’ll create an imbalance in your poses.

Mats which are thin create many problems such as this may hurt knees that create impediments in Yoga poses.

The standard thickness of a Yoga mat is 1/8 inch while the thickest are ¼ inch thick.  There are some Mats which are 1/16 inch thick. These mats are easy to fold and light-weighted and so they are very easy and comfortable to carry.

After all, you should always keep it in your mind that you use a Yoga mat for your comfort not to create obstacles. If you practice yoga which needs to change your poses frequently, then extra thick mats are best for you. Because it will provide you extra cushion which ensures your comfort and this will help you to concentrate more on your poses. Standard Yoga mats must be thick enough and non-slippery.


Materials justify the quality of yoga mats. Textures, stickiness, Eco-friendliness, and sponginess are influenced by the materials. PVC is the most standard materials of a Yoga mat. There are some other materials which are also eco-friendly and those are natural and recycled rubber, jute and organic or natural cotton.


Texture helps a Yogi to get more grips on the mat. Slipping and sliding are greatly influenced by this feature. Texture can be both man-made and natural. Mats which are made of PVC have a man-made texture that is felt softer while jute made Yoga mats have natural roughness. Rubber, cotton or jute made mats prevent slipping while PVC made mats ensures smoothness as well as Eco-friendliness.


Stickiness helps a Yogi to remain away from slipping as well as helps a lot to change the poses easily. PVC Yoga mats have highest stickiness factors. Stickiness also depends on cleanliness so Yogi should wash the PVC mat before using this for getting good stickiness.


Many mats are made from “foam” and sometimes materials of mats aren’t exposed, at those cases, mats are made from PVC. PVC made mats are produced in different ways and some are made without using phthalates and other toxins. But still, they aren’t biodegradable.

Eco-friendly mats include recycled or natural rubber, organic or natural cotton and jute. Rubber made mats have earned huge popularity and availability among Yogis but these are unacceptable who are allergic to latex.

Cotton made Yoga mats are insanely absorbent and very much perfect for practicing hot yoga. Though these are a little bit expensive but available in many sophisticated textures on their surface for being non-slippery. You should be more careful about the materials of mats because some marketers promote their products made with natural fibers but really they are not so. Yoga mats which are made from naturally produced fibers are considered eco-friendly.

Product Specific Description

This mat is light and thick woven which makes this product easily portable. This mat also has a sticky surface which creates more grips as a result Yogi can change his/her poses easily and comfortably. Horizontal stripe pattern makes this mat more attractive.

If you practice hot yoga and sweat a lot, then you need a mat which is not slippery. On non-slippery mats, you can’t take your poses when your palms get sweaty. Our recommended yoga mats are non-slippery and provide you extra cushioning that will be the best for the both side. These mats will ensure sophisticated surface design, extra cushion, and on the slippery surface during sweating.

Know More About Yoga Mat

Hot yoga Clothes | Best Yoga Mats | best Yoga Mat review

Product Features

  • 72″ Long x 26″ Wide
  • Attractive color patterns
  • 100% Cotton
  • Lightweight
  • Rough enough to prevent Sliding
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Quick fabric dryness
  • Reversible
  • Big enough for 6 feet tall person

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Yoga Bag

Product Intro

Yoga bag is a very important as well as useful stuff for a Yogi. It helps a yogi to carry his/her needed materials for practicing Yoga. It creates conveniences for the lads in participating daily Yoga classes. Normally, yoga bags are considered for carrying Yoga mats but at present most of the bags are capable of carrying some other Yoga stuff like a towel, water bottle, clothing etc.   Yoga bags not only carry the Yoga stuff but also the auxiliary stuff like wallet, sunglass, keys etc. Different types of attractive and well-designed Yoga mats are available in current market. Good designs and attractive colors bring a psychological peace and confidence in the mind of the Yogis. After all, it’s not a bag rather a good companion for a Yogi.

Product Specific Description

This bag can help you to carry everything you need. It’ll be organized and disciplined whether you go for a Yoga class or Hang-out. This bag is spacious that easily make enough room for any Yoga mat. This is so much convenient to carry. You can carry this by hand or on your shoulder. This bag can help to protect mats from dirt, ensures dryness and makes the mat portable. This bag has several pockets for carrying stuff comfortably.

Hot yoga Clothes | Best Yoga Bag | best Yoga Bag reviewReasons for considering this as Your Yoga Bag

  • Specious compartments for Yoga clothing and stuffs
  • Too much flexible for mats of any size
  • Exterior pockets to carry auxiliary stuffs
  • Comfortable carrying option
  • Made of 100% unbleached cotton
  • Attractive & durable metal zippers

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Indo Yoga Boards

Product Intro

Indo Board was established with the goal of attaining the benefits of balance board training to everyone. The Indo Board was designed to be used indoors so that people of every age could enjoy the benefits and fans of balance training and balance board exercises.

The Indo Yoga Board is a highly popular product which creates the fun, challenge and adventure of Standup Paddle (SUP) Yoga in the yoga studio.  Usually, the Indo Yoga Board is made of wooden deck with four rockers adhere to the bottom which makes the Indo yoga board unstable that almost exactly creates the flavor of a stand-up paddle board in a flat water environment.

Products Kinds and Outlook

Generally, the Indo yoga board has two different types, one has a natural wood finish on the deck and the other model has a layer of cork applied to the deck that enables the board to create cushioned feeling and provides a non-slip surface.  Three inflatable Indo Board IndoFLO cushions can be placed under the deck for getting more advanced progress. According to user’s ability and experience in Standup Yoga, the level of inflation can be varied which influence the progress.

A level surface is very suitable for using an Indo yoga board and very useful for Yoga Core Training.  Any types of yoga can be practiced by using the Indo Yoga Board.  In many Yoga Studios, Indo Yoga Board has become very popular for attaining balance.

Hot yoga Clothes | Best Yoga Board| best Yoga Board review

Product Features

Features Description
Product Category Yoga
Indo Board Package Indo Yoga Boards
Color Natural
Ingredient 100% sustainable & Natural Wood
Deck measurement 69″ x 16″ x 1″
Size of Roller 6.5″ diameter
Size of Cushion 14″ Diameter Indo Flo Cushions 3x
Activity Indo Yoga Board, Bikram, Bikram Yoga, Hot Yoga, Yoga Classes, Power Yoga, Yoga Board, SUP Yoga Board, Yoga Poses, Moksha Yoga, Yoga Videos, Yoga Core Training, Balance Yoga, Paddle Board, Paddle Board Yoga, Yoga Balan
Sport Cheerleading, Standup Paddle (SUP)
Exercises/Uses Power Yoga, Yoga Poses
Core Benefits ·        Improves sleeping pattern

·        Increases musculature range of motion

·        Improves athletics performance

·        Improves body stabilization system

·        Decrease blood pressure

·        Promotes breathing system

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